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At peace watching pee wees

17 Jan

I’m pleased to report that, at least at the time of writing, I’m feeling happy, productive and generally satisfied with life right now.

Did I get a job interview? Fix our broken dishwasher? Quit smoking? Even look at my to do list? No.

I’m watching my son – for now I’ll just call him ‘the boy’ – play pee wee hockey. And I’m having my happiest hour of the week.

I’m sure some of my contentment comes off the heels (and a result) of an outstanding week in my personal productivity. My pride is another obvious factor, and I’m sure it helps that the boy’s playing well.

Above all though, I think I’m feeling especially satisfied with myself because, at this very moment, I’m doing everything I possibly can to be the parent I want to be. I’m here, I’m cheering the boy on and I’m beaming with a pride I know he can see.

It may not sound like much, and I know I’m far from being father of the year. But at least for the next three periods, I am the dad I always wanted to be.

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