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Shitcanned Day 1 – Genesis

31 Mar

I know, melodramatic, right?

The second part of the story is actually what I meant to write about in the first place (ADD’s fault for distracting me!), two things in fact that have been staring me in the face as rather poignant given recent events concerning my employment:.

1. A line from a movie I saw a couple days back, some sort of military, possibly apocalyptic action flick where a (I’m paraphrasing with character and line) a Secretary of Defense staring down an Attorney General who had just accused him of committing political suicide:

“See that’s the thing.  From the very moment I took my oath of office I did so knowing that the day would come when this job would end.  And when the end is just another foregone conclusion, it doesn’t seem bad at all”

2. At the risk of bolstering my self-esteem, a quote I just came upon in the book I’m reading, Joshua Ferris’s And Then We Came to the End:

“We took back all our ridicule and practically begged the man to continue, but he remained firmly and pathetically committed to his sober-eyed conclusion that he would never be anything but a copywriter.”

So…hope and inspiration – just not too much.

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